Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Little Night Drawing

I weathered the cold on a walk at dusk and did this little sketch of the road in the woods. It was getting dark fast and I could hardly see what I was putting down, but that's part of the excitement. I enjoy coming home to view the results. Not thrilled with this one, but oh well.

This little palette is what I took. A year or so ago I spray painted a little Altoid tin with the intent of turning it into a pocket travel palette. I set it aside until I saw my sketching friend's little tins and was inspired to put it together. The tin contains Hansa yellow, Quin red, Cobalt blue, Diopside green, Cobalt teal, Raw sienna, Quin burnt orange, Burnt umber, Azo orange and Lunar black. All are Dan Smith. Handy little palette! Covers the color wheel nicely. I'm not a huge fan of Quin red but it mixes up very nice violets, so I didn't add a violet of any kind. It mixes a decent orange too, but sometimes I want a pure punch of it, so added the Azo. I'll work with that for awhile but will change it out soon for my favorite, Pyrrol orange. It's fairly opaque, which has advantages at times.

Water brushes, fleece and fuzzy gloves.

Later that evening I decided to try sketching outside again but this time with my headlamp on. Brrrr!

I tried to capture the moon and it's beautiful light through the clouds and tree...

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