Online Watercolor Course! Coming March 27th!

Kitchen Sink Bouquet
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Here I am, reviving my blog, Drawings from Life. And it feels great! There's so much to write about and I have a lot of catching up to do. I recently taught a couple watercolor classes and doing so has inspired me to write more about picture making and the mediums I love.

My watercolor classes took place in January and February. It was a blast and as always, the students made it so! I've come to love teaching just as much as painting with watercolor. This time around I thought I'd take a different tack and have students do a fairly deep dive into water and pigment control since it's something most, if not all, watercolorists struggle with. The subject is usually a focus in my past classes, but this time we spent quite a bit of time doing exercises examining pigment consistencies visually and tactilely. I incorporated tutorial videos as an adjunct to in-class work and demos. And per usual, with every class I teach I learn a tremendous amount about the medium and teaching. I'm so grateful to my students for signing up! The videos will go towards my new online classes in the works: Watercolor Foundations 1 and Watercolor Foundations 2, plus beginning and advanced block printing, another love of mine. I'm also planning on offering basic drawing and possibly pastel to my course offerings. I have so many ideas, so I'm very busy!
One thing I've realized about making videos for my students is that they are a great learning device for my own education too. I highly recommend filming yourself painting and then watching your own process. Noodling is one of my bugaboos and I've learned I'm the queen of noodling! And I'm also very critical of my own work. Too much so. One must have a critical eye but there's a point where it's damaging. So I decided to be kinder and gentler and accepting of my process and finished "disasters." I will always be a student of watercolor, every medium for that matter, so I need to lighten up and, as I always say, not focus on outcome but the joy of painting. And drawing. And design. And all things creative. It's the journey that matters. Working with watercolor is a dance. A dialogue with the paint and the picture. One must listen and respond. It's interactive. And meanwhile appreciate the beautiful nature of watercolor. But I'm critical for a reason too. So that I can take away the preciousness of picture which frees me to experiment. This painting I call the Kitchen Sink Bouquet. I learned a lot creating it and hope it may inspire you to paint with watercolor.