Monday, May 24, 2010

Brackenwood Gallery

I'm delighted to announce I've just signed on with Brackenwood Gallery in Langley, Washington. Owners, Rene Neff and Anne Waterman, are both knowledgeable in the arts and great to work with. I can't say enough how honored I feel to be part of their group of talented artists. Check out their gallery by foot, or online:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freeland Library, then the Edgecliff

The library workshop was so fun! And there were so many enthusiastic people wanting to learn and draw. A number of children too. Thank you JoAnn and Jay!

I did a small sketch of the flower still life at the end of class.

Sue and I headed to the Edgecliff for "unwinding." An interesting bunch last evening. Got in a few sketches. What a pleasure.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Porch Wisteria

This Wisteria on my front porch is just beginning to bloom. It's very young and doesn't get much light, so it's quite spindly. Yet that quality intrigues me to explore it with paint. The colors are lovely and glow in the sun with golden, reddish, spring green leaves and pale violet blue hues of the flowers. It was an enjoyable painting to do. Challenging too. My friend, Sherryl, said something last week that I've been trying to keep in mind every day; "This has nothing to do with reality." It surely doesn't! Done on Arches hp, 12"x9.25".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fragrant Peonies

We had a little clearing of clouds today so I painted the Peonys blooming outside, next to the deck. One flower has bloomed, the others are on their way. It's a fancy variety with very ruffled petals and appears to partially open, not revealing the center at maturity.

This flower was painted on Arches hp 9"x12"

They're huge and quite fragrant. Very bright pinkish red, magenta, violet with some yellows at the base of the petals.There's something old fashioned about these images to me. I did them very fast, trying to maintain some spontaneity without being overwhelmed. I'll keep trying till I get it where I want it. Not there yet! But they're really fun to paint.

This grouping was done on Arches cp, 10.25"x14"