Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Miriam's Cafe, Coupeville

WISk sketch-day today. Here are my sketches from Miriam's Cafe in Coupeville. They have tasty Breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. Happily, it was a bustling place.

People were there for hours at a time so had no problems with patrons leaving.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Days Sketch Montage

Joined my WIS group sketch meeting at Bayview Nursery on Wednesday. I started a drawing in the store which is stocked with lovely plants, flowers and decorative items. A beautiful setting. Lisbeth, one of our members, sat down to sketch within my frame so I included her. I used a large vertical format watercolor pad which turned out to take too much time to fill. I ended up with a few lines delineating a bit of her and some plants in the foreground. Today I decided to consume the rest of the space with a couple little drawings of some new Daffodils popping up, nettles, a bush, a small table with Kleenex, cup of tea and various odds and ends. Just scribbles for fun. Besides Lisbeth, I'm in it too, sketching. A bit of a narrative that may describe my longing to be outside while recuperating from this bug.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From the Couch

Been sick all week with a nasty bug so have been lacking in posts. Did a few sketches from the couch. A view towards the kitchen; stacks of books, sketchbooks, a few jackets and clean laundry waiting to be put away. And my lover dog at his spot.

I also brought a little nature indoors; a Douglas Fir cone and Hellebore branch broken off by the deer.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goose Market Sketches

Our Wednesday WIS meeting was fun as usual. Met at the Goose Market at Bayview. Got in a few sketches.

Sat in their coffee shop section of course.

Virginia, one of our WIS members sketching.

This is Ona. Sue found this lovely woman at the checkout stand and asked her to pose for us. Thanks Ona!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sketching at Prima and Figure Session

I feel like I'm learning to draw all over again. So very rusty and much too tentative.
One sketch is from Prima Bistro looking down on First St., Langley. The other three are from figure drawing earlier in the day. Lovely model and her 10 month old baby. A great day of drawing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sketching Tools I Like

Sketchbooks: Of late have been playing with Moleskins. I prefer the watercolor paper in those.

WC Kit: I've been using a little Winsor Newton Cotman kit and like it's many mixing wells. Though it's a little bulky. Also needed to velcro the water bottle in to keep it from falling out in transit. Will replace the pans with good paints soon.

Case: I love my little pencil/pen case. I got it from It packs tons of stuff. Plus there's still space! I'll probably make some modifications to it so stuff doesn't fall out on location. A problem I've been having. I'll add a flap to the top edge.

Pencils: Regular 4Bs are dandy. Black Prisma color I use most. Sometimes china markers. Also Stabillos, which are water soluble.

Pens: I'm an ink pen nut and have been using fountains. Would prefer to carry ink and croquil type nibs, but leaking bottles are an issue. I'm hunting for leak proof so I can indulge. I've been using a Lamy Safari, which I like. It has a fine nib which is a little fine for most of my drawing. I like a beefy line and draw large, which makes the fine line even finer. It's a wonderful pen though. Great for writing. Very smooth.

Inks: Noodlers has a great selection of colors. I like to mix my own.

Brush Pens: I lOVE my brush pens. Kuretake #8 is my favorite so far. It's a fountain pen, so you can load it with any ink color. It's inexpensive too. Has great sensitivity. I'm also experimenting with the standard Pentels. I like those too. Can get a super thick, bold line with them.

Waterbrushes: are brushes that you fill with water. You just squeeze a little to bring the water to the tip. Eliminates the need to carry water when you're on location. I have a Niji large, Kuretake large (exactly the same) and a Kuretake Flat. It has a cap that makes it a flat that you can remove and it becomes a large round. Two brushes in one. The water brushes allow for some interesting wash effects. They take some getting used to, but are worth the effort.

Brushes: I carry a few sables. Small and medium both in rounds and flats.

Copic Pens: Are felt tip nib type pens. Not a very expressive line, but I like them.

Where to Purchase: The pens and water brushes can be purchased at $25 bucks gets you free shipping. W&N Cotman kit can be purchased at or Amazon. Shop for cheap on this. $19.99 is the lowest I've seen it. Get Moleskins at Amazon.

Now go have fun!

Local Grown in Coupeville

Another fun day of sketching with the gang, and drawing tool shop talk.

Some day I'll get a likeness of Lisbeth. This was drawn in a large sketchbook. Too large for the tool I was using, a Lamy fine nib pen. I like a beefy line.

Sue and Sherryl in this one. I drew this with a brush pen first, then applied watercolor so the ink bled.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Mukiteo Coffee Pajama Breakfast

We passed on the Polar Bear Dip and instead went to Mukilteo Coffee for their New Years Day Pajama Breakfast. We went in our jammies. Some others did too. We walked out with a Half pound of coffee for doing it. Nice! Thanks Mukilteo Coffee!

My New Years art resolution is to not be judgmental about my work and have fun with sketching. Just allow myself to make lots of mistakes. So I'm saying nothing about these sketches. Though I'd like to. I also will work on being loose and speedy.

Here's some sketches. No pajamas, though.