Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nosh and Sketch

nosh |nä sh | informalnounfood filling the freezer with all kinds of nosh we bought at the Star Store.• a small item of food : "We have plenty of noshes and nibbles" said the waiter.• a light meal; a snack in between noshes we sketched people at Prima Bistro and Mo's.verb [ intrans. ]eat food enthusiastically or greedily there are several restaurants in Langley, so you can nosh to your heart's content [ trans. there I sat, noshing my favorite food as I splashed paint on the table cloth.• eat between meals today's grazing is different from what we used to call noshing or snacking. But noshing sounds better.ORIGIN early 20th cent. (denoting a snack bar): Yiddish.

First stop, Prima Bistro.

A local fixture at Prima

Then a portrait of Kelly at Mo's.
A pre-med student also studying spanish.

A profile at Mo's

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Low Tide Stripes

Here's a super quick sketch of Cultus Bay at low tide. Very quick because it was so cold. I'm always intrigued by the graphic shapes of sand that appear. And the lighting was interesting. Cool and crisp. This was another one of those "what the heck color is that" moments. A wonderful winter moment.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beat and Jive at OM

Had a great evening sketching at Ott and Murphy in Langley.  David Ossman performed poetry readings of Ginsburg and Kerouac while David Gregor accompanied on guitar. I was truly inspired and can't wait for another performance!

Mr. Bennett bathed in mood lighting. 

David Gregor playing guitar, though it's hidden.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Digital Dog 2

This image was a quick sketch using "Brushes," a drawing and painting app for iPad. Though this program is simple, there's an almost unlimited number of brushes and the ability to apply surface textures. And of course a full palette of colors. It also records your process. This digital stuff is fun, but it can't hold a candle to the unpredictable nature of watercolor, the qualities of pen and ink, and the textures of paper.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wifire Apparitions

My first ghost sighting at Whidbey Telecom's WiFire Coffee Shop... 

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coupeville Coffee

An unsuspecting gentleman reading the paper at Coupeville Coffee and Bistro. Not too long ago this coffee shop was called Miriam's. It's well loved and back on the list of sketching haunts!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sherman Farm

I christened my new sketchbook with this drawing of a tractor and pumpkins at Sherman Farm. Wow, have they got a lot of pumpkins! And old rusty machinery that makes for good subject matter. It's a delightful setting to draw and paint, and what a gorgeous day to be doing it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dancer Sketching

Here's a sketch I did sometime ago. I'm posting it because it has some qualities I'm interested in pursuing. Lately I've been playing with gouache which, for me, is very frustrating to work with. It's easy to make mud pies. But I find the opacity of gouache in contrast to the transparency of watercolor very appealing. I just haven't found my groove with it. Though this sketch has no gouache incorporated, it touches upon the kinds of paint marks and opacity that drives me to keep experimenting. A simple, transparent wash is lovely to apply and look at but I want to achieve more expression

Michelle is a great model.

Quick Sketch

A few morning gestures...

Maybe a deer? Nope.

Sniffing the breeze

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morning Overcast

Another woodland scene, but this was sketched on a cloudy morning. Again I perceived a lot of colors and enhanced them. A much cooler palette, and a much cooler morning!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Morning Woodland

Whidbey had a nice break in the weather yesterday. And when it's sunny here it's gorgeous. The morning light filtering onto these trees was so striking I had to make some attempt at capturing the scene. So many colors I couldn't decide what was what. Were the tree trunks blue or violet? Leaves blue green or golden green? Sometimes I saw red, then sienna. With such indecision I ended up using all the colors in my travel palette. They're Daniel Smith watercolors... Hansa Yellow, Indian Yellow, Pyrrol Orange, Raw Sienna, Anthroquinoid scarlet, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue, French Ultramarine, Quinocridone Burnt Orange, Hookers Green, Sap Green, and Lunar Black.

As I waited for my first wash of the woodland scene to dry, I started the sketch on the left. I used Noodler's Ink, Kiowa Pecan, for the line work. It's water soluble so it bleeds a nice warm tone, yet retains a line.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whidbey Island Winery and Mo's

Whidbey Island Sketchers met at Whidbey Island Winery for sketching this week. We lucked out with a nice day considering it's October. Surely one of the very last for sketching outdoors.
Here are my sketches for the day...

The two below were done at Mo's in Langley. I gravitated to the gentleman on the left because of his great profile. Unusual and handsome.
On the right... At times I get tired of drawing the backs of people. Oh well. It becomes more about the medium, light and composition.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trio Nouveau

After sketching at an Alpaca farm we did more at Prima Bistro. To our delight Trio Nouveau set up on the deck next to us. Sunny and warm to boot! Then we were politely kicked out. We sketchers are not appreciated at this venue as all others love us!

I find people easier to draw than hats! Not that people are easy for me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Peaceful Day

Sue V. shared her lovely garden with the Whidbey Island Sketchers for our sketch meet. Thank you Sue! It was a wonderful day with great company. I was filled with ahhhhs.
Here's a couple sketches I did on the deck. To the right is the talented Michelle, our newest member. She sat still for awhile which made her an easy target. She's a lovely model. I look forward to many sketchings with her and of her.

Below is an experimental sketch I don't care for but am posting because I'd like to share my experience with watercolor canvas board. It has no absorbency whatsoever, so I haven't decided if I like it. Hard to do any glazing because the bottom layers pick up so easily. Great for making changes if one's unhappy with parts or all of it. I was interested in giving it a spin as an alternative to the expense of framing watercolor paintings. Surfaces that accept watercolor are available on mounted wood frames similar to oil panels. Once painted, they can be coated with acrylic to protect the surface from dust. I think I'll continue playing to see where it goes.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Appaloosa Sunset

Horses are magnificent animals. As a kid I drew them obsessively and today I remembered why. The angular face, elegant lines of the neck, curvilinear shapes of the torso, rump and upper legs, and the expression of weight on the ankles. Such dynamic anatomy. Always in motion, even when stationary. When I saw this Appy I had to sketch it. What artist could ask for more than a horse with spots?!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evening Concert at Whidbey Island Winery

I had the great fortune of hearing Levi Burkle (guitar) and James Hinkley (cello) play at Whidbey Island Winery. They sure make beautiful music as a duo. As well as independently. They're both great musicians. And the Winery's setting made it even more heavenly. Grape vines, tree canopies, grassy lawns and people picnicking, each with a glass of wine, all made for some good sketch subjects. Here's a few...

Waiting for the concert.

James and Levi

Sketched with eyes closed.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sinking at Island Recycle

The Whidbey Island Sketchers met at Island Recycle for our usual sketch session. It was a gorgeous day for painting outdoors. I thought these sinks in the grass were arranged in an interesting way so I gave it a shot. It's a funky drawing, like the sinks.

Later I did this sketch of Phyllis, a WISK member. The only one to date which looks remotely like her. I think my best drawing of the day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mother and Daughter

I had the fortunate opportunity to sketch these two beautiful ladies, Stephanie and Alyscia. Stephanie is our favorite server at Mo's Pub in Langley where we often sketch. She was kind enough to sit for a number of sketchers at Studio 106.

This sketch was done in my Moleskine pocket accordion, a small sketchbook that expands. It's limited to 5" high but the width is left up to the imagination. The paper has a waxy surface that's resistant to watercolor giving drawings a look I've come to appreciate.

The first pose was quite long allowing me to experiment with different papers, watercolor and line-brushwork. I think this is Punjab paper. It's a nicely bound watercolor sketchbook I've had for many years. The paper is very rough with deckled edges and takes watercolor beautifully. I used a large squirrel hair mop, loading it with a couple colors then applied the paint broadside.

Stephanie taking a sleep-break during this warm afternoon.
Thank you for sitting!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Red Door and Book Cart

Feeling rusty's an understatement. Here's a funky sloppy sketch of the South Whidbey Commons in Langley. When all else fails throw paint at it. I do like the splatters.

And a sketch of the warm and hospitable Mary, a Whidbey Island Sketcher. Thanks for having us!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Prima Bistro then Mo's Portrait Party

A Prima evening with friends as Deja Blooze, a local jazz band, played some great toons. My first sketch is an attempt to capture the warmth and activity of the place. Next time we'll sit in front of the band.

The backside of one third of Deja Blooze at Prima Bistro

Later we migrated to Mo's for a little portrait party. First sitter was the charming and delightful Corey of Useless Bay Coffee fame. Turns out he's a sketcher too. A talented young man so we hope to recruit him into the Whidbey Island Sketchers.

Corey Sketching at Mo's

Then the amicable and proud James visiting from Tucson. James finds the Island's inhabitants friendly and approachable, much like himself. He was lucky and walked away with a sketch!

James Patiently Posing

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ott and Murphy and Mo's

A fun Sunday afternoon and evening of sketching. First at Ott and Murphy's wine tasting room in Langley then a walk down the street to Mo's Pub for more sketching and Shepherd's Pie. Here's a couple sketches...

Rugs at Ott and Murphy. As much drawing as I've been doing lately, it was a struggle to see things right that day. I felt dyslexic so concentrated on capturing the sense of light.

Of the number of sketches I did at Mo's this is the only one I halfway liked. The last sketch was better but I gave it to a young man who was a subject.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Wee Blackberry

Little sketch of a blackberry cane at sunset.

Monday, May 23, 2011

An Evening at Mo's

A pleasure to sit in Mo's Pub eating fries and sketching with Sue. It's very rich in wood tones and hunter green. Here's my sketches...