Monday, April 26, 2010


Looking forward to my Tree Peony buds opening. This is the first year of blooming since I planted them a couple years back. One tree has quite a few. Considering their first year of blooming they produce only one, I feel blessed.
Here's a few sketches of the buds. I think I'm going to create a list to read prior to beginning a sketch or painting of things to keep in mind. #1 leave some whites for sparkle. I usually try but seemed to have forgotten in the case of the second image. Oh well. Paint and learn.


  1. These pages are beautiful! I am also anxiously awaiting your tree peony flowers! And my own peonies, not the tree variety....

  2. I love everything here! The composition is original and creative! Would you say that's your special element? the composition? For me, that's the hardest part... you have a wonderful way of portraying your subjects!

  3. Gorgeous Kris. Your work of late with darker, deeper colors is spectacular. Love both of these but the bottom one is particularly beautiful and dramatic.

  4. Thank you Carol, Katherine and Lisbeth! Can't wait for them to open and start painting. A bit intimidating, I must admit.
    Katherine, composition is definitely at the top for me, and it's a great challenge. I try to consider every shape, both negative and positive, no matter how small.
    Lisbeth, yes, been playing with darker values and contrast lately. Having an intense love affair with Paynes Gray and those Thalos. So yummy and rich.

  5. The top picture is fabulous Kris.

    I usually forget the white space too, so it's nice to find I'm not alone.