Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Around Deception Pass

Beach Daisies

Spent some time at Deception Pass and Bowman Bay drawing and painting. It was a spectacular day, warm with a light breeze. Got a number of paintings partially finished. I was interrupted by mosquitoes at one spot and loss of daylight at the other. Will have to finish them at home from photos. Here are a couple that I managed to finish. And I saw my first otters ever! Four came running onto the beach 20 yards away and disappeared into the grass. They were very charming!

Bowman Bay


  1. These are both stunning, Kris. I look forward to seeing the others. Will any of these be in the September show? 20 minutes more up the road and you could have been at the Guemes ferry and joined us!

  2. Thanks Sue! Too late to get these in the show. Daisies could replace another vertical image.

  3. These are lovely Kris, especially the bay pic.

    Otters wow! I'm jealous.

  4. Thanks Sue! Bowman Bay is an exquisitely beautiful place. The otters are so lucky to live there!