Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beach Sketches

Here's a few odds and ends. The first image is a sketch of a lean-to structure I found down at the beach. There was another, more elaborate and impressive one behind me, that appears to be a bar with seats and everything. Even equipped with a bottle of Vodka.
In the second image I tried to capture an amazing sunset at Maxwelton Beach. Those vertical shapes are people, by the way. The third image is out of my new pocket, Japanese accordion style Moleskine, which I love. It opens up into a longer format which is less restricting, so the pocket version, approximately 3x5, is very convenient to carry.

Lean-to Bar Seats

Maxwelton Beach Sunset

Scatchet Head Beach


  1. Beautiful works, the third one has wonderful colours, looking at it I was almost feeling the soft wind coming from the sea...

  2. Gorgeous beach sketches!! I particularly like the fold-out!

  3. Thanks, Faye, Lucia and Carol! Catching the last few days of summer.

  4. Great sketches. I like the use of such different styles for each subject.

  5. Oh! those all diferent and all so beautiful !
    I like so much your colours palete!

  6. Thank you, Sue and Catalina. I am lucky to live on such a beautiful island.