Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olde World Ales

WISk met at Olde World Ales and Lagers in Langley on Wednesday. Unlike my usual "take time to decide" self, as soon as I sat down to work I made immediate decisions about my subject and how I wanted to handle the application of paint. "Just do it" was the operative phrase. With this first image, I toned the paper with a warm wash and splatters using a tooth brush. It was a dark wet day and I think the wash helps to convey that. 

In the second image, Phyllis, a WISk member, was sunk into a big white chair that had some interesting shape and fold characteristics. I enjoy how line can move from light areas into dark and get lost, with hints and suggestions of objects. A fun sketch to make.


  1. These are lovely. The darkness is reminiscence of all old pubs, so wouldn't have guessed that was your mood. Hope you are feeling happier now.

    I love all your sketching venues and feel quite envious.

  2. Thank you, Sue! The pub is a brewery and quite raw. Lots of equipment and such. Pretty funky. I found it an interesting place.
    The lack of light here in the northwest can get to be a drag this time of year. The days are lengthening, so we're finally on the upswing. Whew!

  3. Someone said yesterday that watching you work gave them goosebumps.

  4. Kris,
    I love the warmth of this and the golden glow.
    I am enjoying watching your videos of you painting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Many thanks all!
    Sue V., Is that good? I'll take it as a "yes!"
    Gail, my pleasure to share the painting process. Will post more when it gets warmer.
    I feel honored you've all posted comments. You are all people who's works I admire greatly!