Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ott and Murphy and Mo's

A fun Sunday afternoon and evening of sketching. First at Ott and Murphy's wine tasting room in Langley then a walk down the street to Mo's Pub for more sketching and Shepherd's Pie. Here's a couple sketches...

Rugs at Ott and Murphy. As much drawing as I've been doing lately, it was a struggle to see things right that day. I felt dyslexic so concentrated on capturing the sense of light.

Of the number of sketches I did at Mo's this is the only one I halfway liked. The last sketch was better but I gave it to a young man who was a subject.


  1. I love your area rugs here! Great colour, and very cool, loose capture of the details. And yes, you totally captured the sense of light.

  2. I'm really enjoying all your Mo pub sketches.

    Hope you are over that dyslexic feeling.