Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mother and Daughter

I had the fortunate opportunity to sketch these two beautiful ladies, Stephanie and Alyscia. Stephanie is our favorite server at Mo's Pub in Langley where we often sketch. She was kind enough to sit for a number of sketchers at Studio 106.

This sketch was done in my Moleskine pocket accordion, a small sketchbook that expands. It's limited to 5" high but the width is left up to the imagination. The paper has a waxy surface that's resistant to watercolor giving drawings a look I've come to appreciate.

The first pose was quite long allowing me to experiment with different papers, watercolor and line-brushwork. I think this is Punjab paper. It's a nicely bound watercolor sketchbook I've had for many years. The paper is very rough with deckled edges and takes watercolor beautifully. I used a large squirrel hair mop, loading it with a couple colors then applied the paint broadside.

Stephanie taking a sleep-break during this warm afternoon.
Thank you for sitting!


  1. Thanks for your nice comment, Pam! I really admire your work!