Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nosh and Sketch

nosh |nä sh | informalnounfood filling the freezer with all kinds of nosh we bought at the Star Store.• a small item of food : "We have plenty of noshes and nibbles" said the waiter.• a light meal; a snack in between noshes we sketched people at Prima Bistro and Mo's.verb [ intrans. ]eat food enthusiastically or greedily there are several restaurants in Langley, so you can nosh to your heart's content [ trans. there I sat, noshing my favorite food as I splashed paint on the table cloth.• eat between meals today's grazing is different from what we used to call noshing or snacking. But noshing sounds better.ORIGIN early 20th cent. (denoting a snack bar): Yiddish.

First stop, Prima Bistro.

A local fixture at Prima

Then a portrait of Kelly at Mo's.
A pre-med student also studying spanish.

A profile at Mo's

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