Sunday, January 22, 2012

Déjà vu at Ott and Murphy Wines

Another great performance at Ott and Murphy Wines by David Gregor and David Ossman. But this evening Eleanor Fye joined in, rounding out the duo with her lovely voice and tribute to Etta James. What a treat! The intimate space of Ott and Murphy is the perfect venue for their performances. Everyone, owners, performers and patrons, are always warm and friendly. And they have tasty wines too!

David Gregor on guitar. Playing his own music as well.
David Ossman recites poetry. His own included

A couple enjoying the performance and ambiance.

And of course a glass of Double Bluff Red.


  1. All so beautiful. I particularly love the lush Doublebluff Red!!

  2. Thank you, Lisbeth! I discovered some new reds, paint that is, that are very luscious, so I've been having fun over employing them. You're a Chardonnay girl, I know, but that DB red is yummy! Come sketch at OM and try some:)

  3. What a great portrayal of the event! Your paintings are wonderful. Did you offer them to the people in charge? I bet they'd love to use them for publicity and advertising! That red wine sounds yummy, I'll have to look for it.

  4. Lovely sketches of the event.

    I like Katherine's idea of offering your sketches for publicity in exchange for free entry.

  5. great colours they're very painterly your sketches, brilliant.

  6. Thanks, Katherine, Sue and Isabel, for your comments. I think the wine glass would make a nice brochure or wine list cover. I'll pass the idea by them. It's a joy to sketch simple items on the table. Especially a rich red glass of wine! And it feels great to loosen up. Though in this case there was so little light it was like painting blind!