Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ackerman Pump Pen

Playing around with my new Ackerman Manga G Pump Pen on this sketch of Rainbow Kale. It uses dip pen nips such as a Hunt or croquil and has a pump mechanism that delivers ink to the nib. I've put it together in a way where my thumb presses on the pump as I draw, so there's a pretty continuous flow. I love dip pens for their varied line. Buh bye Lamy and Ahab!

Some more play with line variation using Noodler's Cayenne in my Moleskin sketchbook. Smooth paper is much easier to work on. Less catching in the tooth of the paper. Though, I like good kersplatt now and then!


  1. I haven't used a dip pen for years, mainly as I alwways cover my hands in ink, but once again you've inspired me.

  2. Beautiful kale sketch. I looked at the Ackerman site. Customers are giving these pens pretty low ratings, but I don't know why. I'll be interested to see how it performs for you.

  3. I read those reviews also. They didn't concern me enough to not give them a go. I've yet to find my perfect pen, but this comes very close. To me, a dip pen is the perfect pen. With that said they can be a pain. This pen has those issues by default. The Ackerman pen has other issues too. The mechanism to pull ink in doesn't work for me. I get by that by using an injector. And it takes some finessing to keep ink flowing to the tip. I don't recommend this pen for anyone who's not familiar with dip pens and worked with different nibs.
    Thanks for your comments!