Winter Sunset

While out walking the dog this evening I did a couple sketches of the sunset over the Olympic Peninsula. I took my Altoid tin palette, two small sketchbooks (3.5"x5.5" and a 5"x8") and water brushes in a small satchel. Zoey, my dog, didn't seem to mind waiting while I worked. There was a deep carpet of leaves to lay on and the temps are a bit warmer than it's been. The sunset was something to behold. Incredible color on clouds, reflecting on water and constantly changing.
I made some changes to my tin colors after doing color studies this morning. I'll be posting about that in a day or so. I'm much happier now with my orangey reds and purpley blues!


  1. I dream of a time when Degas will sit (or run around but return) while I sketch. Another year or so I guess.

    I love these 2 studies of yours.

  2. Thanks, Sue! I do enjoy throwing color down and watching what happens.Looking forward to seeing your Degas portrait. I've been wanting to do a serious one of my girl too.


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