New Watercolor Classes!

My watercolor classes are beginning in mid February. Watercolor Basics is ongoing for as long as students sign up. Classes will be held at my studio in Clinton. We're going to have fun splashing about! Join us!

Beginning Watercolor

Have you long admired watercolor paintings and wanted to learn how to paint with this beautiful medium? Nothing compares to it's luminous, gem-like qualities, and it's spontaneous and interactive nature. Come learn all the basics to get you started. You'll learn about the different brushes and their uses, papers, paper surfaces, pigments, color, mixing and laying washes. This class is for the absolute beginner and those that want to dust off their old equipment and refresh their knowledge.

2 sessions
Thursdays, Feb. 19 & 26
$100  4 seats available

Watercolor Basics

Ahhh watercolor! Nothing matches it's luminous colors, spontaneity and gem-like qualities. If you already know the basics of watercolor and are looking to expand your knowledge, come join my watercolor classes. We'll have fun exploring this beautiful, interactive medium. I'll guide you through the study of it's glorious natures, splashing and playing with washes; flat, graded, variegated, wet on wet, wet on dry, negative and positive painting, and 3 step glazing. We'll also explore texturing such as dry brush, splattering, scraping, salt, sponging and resist. And of course, brushwork. It's an ongoing class, there's so much to learn!

4 sessions
Tuesdays, 10am-12:30pm
Feb. 17, 24, Mar. 3, 10
$120  Full