QoR Watercolors

I decided to try the High Chroma sample pack of the new QoR watercolors by Golden. This painting was a test run to see how they behave. It's almost done entirely with that pack of colors with the exception of adding in some DS Ultramarine turquoise and Quin sienna for darks. I really like these QoR watercolors. I like them so much I'll be switching over to some of their colors over time.
In comparing with DS they are subtly different in shade. Some more than others. For instance Quinacridone magenta is brilliant and intense compared to Daniel Smith's. QoR's Cobalt teal is a little darker and more granular then DS's. But I think it's biggest difference is it's behavior. The paint seems to disperse more easily, releasing tendrils of pigment into wet areas. You can see this behavior in the upper right corner pinkish violet area. There's also a depth to it that's difficult to articulate. Something about the way it interacts and mixes with other pigments. This was painted on arches hot press 140 lb. which can feel like a sponge at times, but this paint seems to glide on. I'm really looking forward to getting to know this paint better.


  1. I like how you have maintained the freshness of spring in this lovely painting.

  2. Thanks, Sue! Keeping it fresh is the greatest challenge for me.


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