Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

So I can draw them. At some point I hope to become a rapid drawer, catching visual moments in my mind and able to put them down on paper. Dogs running, birds flitting, horses scratching. Zoey and Reese, my two dogs, had settled down for a good chew on their bones so I tried to capture them in gestures. Their heads, paws and bodies were in constant motion shifting back and forth. I ended up with just lines that don't describe much, so I'm posting just one of Zoey. I did take advantage of Reese after he decided to nap on the couch. He kept looking at me with that "stop looking at me" look. But then his eyes got heavy and he drifted off, occasionally opening one eye to see if I was still at it. Zoey is acutely aware of anything looking at her such as a camera or me. In this case, she was oblivious. Too good of a chew.

Zoe, busy with her bone.

Reese, fast asleep.

Reese peering at me. So how big are those ears? Huge!

Long legged boy.

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