Sunday, December 6, 2009

Group Sketching Commences!

We started a sketchers group here on Whidbey Island called Whidbey Island Sketchers. Here are some thoughts and sketches from our last couple sketching sessions. Sorry for the repeat images from my Prints and Process blog. All drawings from here on out will be posted on this blog.

We met at Useless Bay Coffee Co. in Langley last week. Sue, Sherryl, Faye and myself. This week it'll be Living Green in Langley at 10am for those who would like to join us. Everyone is welcome.

It feels so great to be sketching like this again! On location in public places is allot of fun. Challenging too. People in motion at all times, lots of distractions, from little kids to people wondering what we're up to. From the start I've kept my expectations for my making any decent drawings way down. As in having none. Just enjoying the simple act of drawing in the moment with no pressure.
I find our little mini critiques very helpful and interesting. Everyone has different insights on why a drawing works, which makes the whole experience more like being in a classroom. Though, we have more fun than a class. So I'm really looking forward to growing, and also watching our other members make their pictures, mature and evolve. Seeing their processes and thinking is interesting and educational. And the mutual support is great!


  1. congrats Kris! you have put together a very talented group and what a kick off with so many great drawings on the blog! hope we'll get to meet soon. the mukilteo-clinton ferry is actually the one I've taken the most since I'm near Mill Creek

  2. Thanks Gabi! Credit must be given to Sue Van Etten for pulling us all together. I think she's driving her husband crazy with sketching.
    But yes, we'd love for you, and your team to come on over. It'd be great to meet you and all the others and paint the town, so to speak!