Sunday, December 5, 2010

Love of the Puddle

As Serafina, one of my students, said, "Painting with watercolor is learning to puddle." The quote is not exact, but her point was it's about controlling the puddle. A good observation. The wash, the bead, the qualities of each pigment and how they behave separately, layered and together, and understanding color are all aspects to be learned and applied to the puddle. And with any luck, a lot of happy accidents!

What is learning watercolor to you and why do you work with it? I would like to know your insights. 
I have much so much to learn. A puddle of a painting I did for my watercolor class...

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  2. Hi Kris, I like your puddle of a watercolor! Did you work directly from a still life? I love seeing your personal touch.

    I think learning to observe is tremendously important in watercolor. When I think of observe, I include looking at what the paint does to the surface, how it works with water, what the brushes do, etc.

    Please delete my first comment; I had a bad typo! Thank you. Peggy

  3. Hi Peggy,
    Thank you for your thoughtful addition to the conversation. I agree, observation is a huge key to learning and painting with watercolor. And on so many levels.
    We/I did work from a still life. I find working from life I can have a more spontaneous experience and not allow myself to do too much overworking. It's a direst response. A real pleasure!