Friday, December 17, 2010

Timbuktu and China City

You'd think by the title I'm a world traveler. Whidbey Island is it's own world, but maybe someday I'll venture off the rock. The Whidbey Island Sketchers did venture to Freeland for some sketching at Timbuktu Java Bar, then we headed to China City Restaurant. Here's my sketches...

Timkuktu counter with goodies. Everything is yummy!

Cruiser and a friend.

A guy at the bar.


  1. I really admire how you set up your compositions so quickly and seemingly effortlessly! You have a very artistic eye! Nice work!

  2. ha ha fabulous title and great sketches Kris.

    Why don't you come and visit me? You could get some winter sun at the same time.