Thursday, January 6, 2011

WISk in Coupeville

Our sketching group met at Local Grown on the wharf in Coupeville this week. When I arrived I was delighted to be greeted by Missy and Aleli, two sketchers from Anacortes, already working away. What fun they are! I got in a sketch of William, the owner of Local Grown, pulling coffee, then ventured out to the lobby to draw Rosie the whale. Later we headed to Toby's for more sketching, wine and fish and chips. Got in a few more...



  1. I love these watercolour sketches. I'm too scared of the results to sketch like this - wish I could do one of your courses to get over this fear.

  2. Wonderful sketches! What a great group you have going over there!

  3. Thanks, Sue and Carol, for stopping in and commenting. Yes, it's a fun group! Sue, watercolor is great as a sketch medium. One can loosely block in forms then define. Would love to have you in class! Maybe there are some nearby you?