Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whidbey Island Winery and Mo's

Whidbey Island Sketchers met at Whidbey Island Winery for sketching this week. We lucked out with a nice day considering it's October. Surely one of the very last for sketching outdoors.
Here are my sketches for the day...

The two below were done at Mo's in Langley. I gravitated to the gentleman on the left because of his great profile. Unusual and handsome.
On the right... At times I get tired of drawing the backs of people. Oh well. It becomes more about the medium, light and composition.




  1. These are lovely. You are right the man has a great profile, & you've painted it beautifully.

    I know how you feel about drawing backs of heads, 3 of 4 sketches I did yesterday were backs of heads :?

  2. I love the winery sketch. And the handsome guy is great. Someday we must do show of our Mo's sketches at Mo's. I could do some great marketing for that. Maybe use the cheap clip frames.

  3. Thanks, Sue P. and Sue V.! Some people are easier to draw than others. He had very defined features and character.
    Sue V. We'll have to discuss the Mo's show. That means we'll have to spend more time there. Bottoms up!