Thursday, February 18, 2010

At the Edge

We had a great time sketching at the Edgecliff late afternoon and evening yesterday. A beautiful, crystalline day made for a spectacular view out the window. Though I have no sketches of it. The views indoors were too good. Here's a mess of my sketches...

Cosmopolitan Girl

Way to tight drink drawing.

People at the bar. Some shirts should not be worn. Virginia on the far right. Sorry Virginia.

Mr. Ron Kasprisin, a local fixture.

Sue drawing people in the bar.

And a quick study.


  1. I quite like your "Cosmopoliten girl" Very clean and fresh

  2. Thanks 4ojos! I'm pretty happy with it too. A fun piece that was quick.

  3. What a day you had! These are all wonderful, Kris---wish I could think of a more focused word, but it's too early in the morning. I'm interested to know what watercolor gear you take with you while sketching. If you've already told us, I missed it!

  4. Thanks, Laure! We had great fun!
    I have four palettes of various sizes. The one I use most is a WN Cotman kit that has 12 half pans, a water bottle and lots of wells. The Cotmans are not the jewels I'm used to so I recently replaced them with tubes colors from home. A variety of WN, DS and M. Graham. The M. Grahams are a new try and I'm really liking them thus far. Finely ground, quite saturated, and they never dry so they're easy on my brushes. I'll do a more in-depth post about WC preferences next week. Read your posts on Schminke. Now I'm intrigued and must try more! Thanks again!