Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reese Again

One of these days, soon, I'll sketch Reese and Zoey in action. The animals tend to be sleeping in the evening when I'm in play mode so my drawings are always of sleeping dogs and cats. Today I replaced my WN Cotman Watercolor kit colors with professional grade and wanted to give them a whirl, and Mr. Reese was handy. The replacement watercolors are definitely juicier, more transparent than the Cotman. I was able to add in some of my favorite colors such as Payne's Gray and Gamboge (deep yellow, almost an orange hue.) There's twelve half pans, not quite enough. Of course I thought 20 wasn't enough with my other palette. They grow.

Here's a list of the colors I used:
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Permanent Red
Monte Amiata
Paynes Gray
Colbalt Blue

I love using Payne's Gray mixed with a warm color such as Alizarin Crimson or Burnt Sienna for my darks. Payne's is very transparent so you don't end up with mud. I also use Ultramarine similarly, but it has more opacity than Payne's. When it precipitates with burnt Sienna it's lovely, but one must leave it alone.

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