Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waif Kittys from the Cat Cottage

To start, I'm sharing a small gesture drawing of our new addition to the family, Kate. She's from Waif in Oak Harbor, one of a network of animal shelters here on Whidbey Island. She's a lovely solid gray kitty with golden eyes. Someone said she's a Russian Blue. Regardless, she's very regal and charming. Energetic, playful, and loving. She fetches too!

Here are my sketches from Waif's Cat Cottage in Freeland, Wa. Michelle is the first. What a sweetheart and darling. A character! This is not a good sketch of her, but wanted to include her since she's a doll and needs a home.

This is Melissa. She's beautiful! She would do best in a quiet home with a loving person to bring her out.

A watercolor of Coho.

A brush Drawing of Coho. A lovely, sweet quiet kitty.

Two beautiful black cats. Both sweet hearts. Honey pies, all!

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