Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fisherman's World Market, Anacortes

Third floor atrium in the Fisherman's World Market.

What a great building to sketch. Wonderful character, a grand wood staircase, live guitar music and natural light from an atrium on the third floor. A fun, eventful and productive day sketching with our friends in Anacortes! Thank you Aleli and Missy for researching the great sketching and food locations. More sketches to come!
The Grand Staircase


  1. These are gorgeous! Did you really complete them while sitting in the building? I have such admiration for people who can create such beauty so quickly! That's a true artist, to me!

  2. Many, many thanks for your kind words, Katherine! I love drawing and painting on location. It does force me to try to abbreviate. Have to hurry to get to the next location where there usually awaits a glass of wine!

  3. Amazing sketches Kris.

    I would find these subjects so scary and probably avoid them.

  4. It helps if I remind myself it's just paper and nothing is lost. But yes, I am also intimidated. I saw on a magazine cover yesterday "Smile at Fear." I like that! You have incredible courage, Sue. You're a traveler! Now that's scary!