Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music for the Eyes

Sue V. and I attended a wonderful concert of east Indian music last night at Music for the Eyes in Langley. Anjali Joshi played santoor and Ravi Albright played tabla drums. I call it music for the soul. Santoor means 100 strings and is basically an Indian dulcimer. Each set of strings twist and overlap in the center, so each side, right and left, have different notes. One lovely melody they played is common to Bollywood movies.
To view Sue V's beautiful sketches and read a little background on the artists and instruments go to
Here are a couple of my sketches. I tried to capture the fluid gestures of Ravi's fingers and hands as they tapped the drums. The experience was entirely beautiful.

A Taste of their music...


  1. wow I love how you have captured the concentration on the musicians' faces.

  2. Thanks, Sue! Ravi had some interesting facial expressions. It appears the experience of playing drums is quite physical.