Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Peaceful Day

Sue V. shared her lovely garden with the Whidbey Island Sketchers for our sketch meet. Thank you Sue! It was a wonderful day with great company. I was filled with ahhhhs.
Here's a couple sketches I did on the deck. To the right is the talented Michelle, our newest member. She sat still for awhile which made her an easy target. She's a lovely model. I look forward to many sketchings with her and of her.

Below is an experimental sketch I don't care for but am posting because I'd like to share my experience with watercolor canvas board. It has no absorbency whatsoever, so I haven't decided if I like it. Hard to do any glazing because the bottom layers pick up so easily. Great for making changes if one's unhappy with parts or all of it. I was interested in giving it a spin as an alternative to the expense of framing watercolor paintings. Surfaces that accept watercolor are available on mounted wood frames similar to oil panels. Once painted, they can be coated with acrylic to protect the surface from dust. I think I'll continue playing to see where it goes.

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