Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trio Nouveau

After sketching at an Alpaca farm we did more at Prima Bistro. To our delight Trio Nouveau set up on the deck next to us. Sunny and warm to boot! Then we were politely kicked out. We sketchers are not appreciated at this venue as all others love us!

I find people easier to draw than hats! Not that people are easy for me.


  1. Fabulous sketches. What a shame they evicted you.

    We should team up - you do the faces & I'll paint the hats. When I post Vinales II you'll see hats but not faces :D

  2. Thanks, Sue! Oh well. We do tend to linger and sketch. But we also buy dinner, dessert and lots of wine, of course.
    If you're ever in this neighborhood, let me know. It's be fun to collaborate!