Monday, June 7, 2010

The Other Side

With a slight break from rain to mist, took the dogs and my paints down to Scatchet Beach, at least to get some exercise. This sketch is representative of our weather this spring. Gray and soggy. It takes watercolors awhile to dry. Painting outside is wet in wet for the duration of the session. I walked home with my painting sketchbook open. It was still very enjoyable, both the walk and the painting. And the dogs had fun playing in the water.


  1. I admire how you can make just the right few brush strokes to accurately capture the most important things in the scene. That shows so much creativity and talent! Nice piece!

  2. I love this Kris. The colours are perfect for Washington and your painting made me want to return soon.

    I'm sorry but the image of you walking down the road with your sketchbook open made me smile. If I did that I would fall over my own feet :D

  3. Thank you, Katherine and Sue, for your appreciative comments. Painting under the threat of humidity, rain and impatient dogs forces me to work fast and put down color in minimal layers. I guess that's a good thing! And tripping comes with the territory!