Sunday, June 27, 2010

Painting Light

I think in the case of candle light it's easiest to convey light with a warm to hot palette. With flesh don't be fearful of using bright reds. It conveys blood in the skin and a sense of it's translucency. The use of analogous transparent layers (glazing) creates a glow within itself. Also use some hits of blue to make those warm colors glow.
My students wanted to see a demonstration of how to paint light so I did this quick study from a photo.


  1. We should video one of your demos.

  2. i agree about your notion on using red and it being having to do with blood to exude life on the skin. this piece is magnetic.

  3. Thank you again, Karl, for your nice comment. I think the greatest challenge in painting with watercolor is not making mud. with a split primary palette it's helpful to mix warms with warms and cools with cools.