Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Bluff from Sunlight Shores

An early evening low tide at Sunlight Shores on Whidbey Island. The large land mass on the right is Double Bluff, where dogs run leash-free. I'm so looking forward to the low spring tides, when one can walk way out for hours and hours.
I've been experimenting with some new colors from M. Graham, wanting to find more transparent replacements for earth colors such as burnt sienna. I've found many that mix nicely with my standard blues; cobalt and ultramarine. Here I've incorporated Transparent Red Iron Oxide, a little Azo Orange with Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine and Dioxazine Purple. Greens are Sap and Hookers yellowed up with Gamboge.


  1. love this landscape it looks so simple and at the same time is giving so much information. beautiful composition and colors.

  2. Thank you, Isabel, for your kind comment.
    The Olympic mountains help with the suggestion of atmosphere. They're lovely to paint.

  3. This is beautiful Kris,
    You really got the atmospheric perspective in this.