Monday, March 1, 2010

Langley Mystery Weekend

This time, each year, Langley holds a weekend long "who done it" challenge. People from far and wide descend upon this seaside village to solve the mystery and observe the antics and fun. Actors dressed in costume roam the streets answering questions and are in character at all times. Goofy ones I might add. Tanya and Howie were the first we encountered. Being off the boat from Plotsylvania, they spoke to us in broken English as best they could. Sue and I planted ourselves in front of Mike's Place, a local diner with a porch and chairs. There was a constant flux of people sitting and resting so we were fixed there. The whole day was very fun. Later we headed to Prima Bistro a few doors down for a glass of wine and a little more sketching.

Tanya and Howie, a couple of teens. She was lamenting her future arranged marriage.

Monty Green (Mac) was a 49er. I don't think he did it. Just too nice of a guy.

James the Paramedic. A real life character there for the fun. He was dressed in full biker leathers so when we saw him coming down the street we jumped on the chance and asked him to sit.

Doug Kirk sat down at his own peril. He became the next victim. Another real life character, Doug is proprietor of Kirk's Nursery here on the south end of the island. A great nursery.

Michael Sheehan. He was singing great tunes from Pink Floyd and Al Stewart for us at Prima Bistro.

The Prima Bartender.

Customers checking the menu and talking.

A waitress who went non-stop.


  1. Thanks, Isabel! Everyone who sat for us was very friendly. Wonderful people.